3 Handy Screen Recording Apps for Mac Users

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November 18, 2016
There are plenty of tools and mobile applications that allow you to create and share screencasts.  This collection we posted awhile ago features some of our favourites titles to use for creating educational screencasts and video tutorials.  However, for those of you using Macs and looking for screen recording apps designed specifically for Macs, the first two applications in the list below are great to start with. The apps are very easy and simple to use and will enable you to instantly record a screencasts, edit images and share your video using a generated link. The last app in this list is a Chrome extension that work on any device where Chrome is installed. Enjoy

1-Tapes: Screencast Sharing

‘Tapes is a screencast app living in your menu bar. Select part of the screen, record up to 3 minutes of video and instantaneously get a share link…Tapes is simple to use and super fast. There is no waiting for the upload, the link is added to your clipboard immediately so you can share it over instant message, email or via Twitter.’

2- Capto

‘Capto is a powerful screen capture and tutorial video making app that comes with a suite of video and image editing options. With almost no learning curve and the ability to add annotations like arrows, spotlight and text amongst others, you can create interactive lessons, detailed tutorials and much more with Capto.’

3- HYFY Screen Recorder

‘HYFY is the simplest way to record a video screen capture and share with your team…Just click record and start talking. When you’re done, share it with your team through Slack, JIRA or HipChat or just paste your video URL wherever you want.  HYFY will capture video of any activity within a tab, including the mouse position and clicks.  The free version is limited to 3 minutes of recording time.  Full desktop capture and and longer recording times up to 30 minutes are available in the paid PRO version’

Curated from Product Hunt