10 Awesome Storybook Apps to Develop Your Kids Love for Reading

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November 16, 2016
Following our post on some of the best eBook libraries for kids, we curated for you this collection of iPad apps featuring 10 popular storybooks for young readers. Teachers and parents can use these interactive stories to not only help kids learn to read but also build good reading habits and develop children’s love for books. The beautiful illustrations, professional narration, and the accompanying acoustics (captivating music, video episodes, highlighting features etc) will definitely immerse kids in an engaging personalized reading experience and motivate them to read more. Some of these apps provide libraries with tons of interesting storybooks to choose from. Check them out and share with us your feedback on our Facebook page. Enjoy

10 Awesome Storybook Apps to Develop Your Kids Love for Reading

1- The Cat in The Hat

‘The best-selling, classic book "The Cat in the Hat" comes to life with playful interactivity, delightful animations and learning activities! Some of its features include: track minutes spent reading, pages read, and more in the Parents section; explore new vocabulary by tapping words and pictures; read along with highlighting narration, read it yourself, or enjoy auto play…’

2- Wee You- Things

‘Meet the Wee You-Things in an interactive book and happy app designed to encourage kids (ages 3-7) to appreciate differences.Wee Society's newest crew of characters celebrates "you-things"— those little and big things that, together, make you special and like no one else in the world. ’

3- FarFaria Stories

‘FarFaria helps your children develop a love for reading. Our library of popular educational books is curated for kids ages 1-9 and includes new hits as well as classics such as Rapunzel and The Wizard of Oz. Books have reading levels to empower kids to read more on their own and include a read along option with highlighted text for a personalized reading experience.’

4- Fox Tales- Story Book for Kids

‘“Fox Tales” is an interactive story with features of an adventure game for children aged 5 to 12. It will be excellent both as an individual activity for a child and as a bedtime story, read out by parents. Since the text is visible on the screen, the story may also be a perfect aid when the child learns to read.’

5- Read Me Stories - Children's books No longer working

‘A new book every day develops your child's love for books and a daily reading habit…The library also includes the lovely series Tuffy's First Adventure. This series of stories takes Tuffy the pony on a grand adventure, where he learns how to meet new friends, and do good deeds. The illustrations are gorgeous. The stories are captivating. The voices are a hoot. These new stories also highlight the text as the story is read. Touching the characters on screen expands the storyline.”

6- iStoryTime- Library of Storybooks and Videos

‘The iStoryTime app includes a wide selection of narrated children’s storybooks and video episodes featuring your kids’ favorite characters. The iStoryTime app is perfect for learning to read, summer road trips, bedtime stories and more! A large library of Books and videos are available via a monthly subscription for unlimited use long as the subscription is active.. ’

7- Dragon Brush

‘Dragon Brush is a beautiful and engaging storybook app based on a traditional Chinese folktale, featuring narration and music from members of the acclaimed band The National!Brought to you by the award-winning Small Planet Digital, Dragon Brush was created by John Solimine and Andy Hullinger.’

8- The Artist Mortimer

‘Mortimer is an artist who more than anything loves to paint. Story written and illustrated by Bo Zaunders. An interactive storybook for children and adults.A simple and sweet story about an artist who gets into trouble every time he paints, enlivened with lovely music, great interactivity and narration.’

9- Will and Kate

‘Will & Kate is the highly interactive, fun-filled story of a prince, a princess, some sheep, and a royal romance. Take a hot air balloon trip past curious giraffes, set off a sky full of fireworks and help Kate choose her wedding dress for the big day. Or simply hang out with the royal corgis.’

10- Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow

‘Built with an innovative, user-generated narrative structure that immerses a child in the story, Little Red Riding Hood re-invents interactive storytelling. Readers play games to help Little Red Riding Hood collect three different objects in the course of her journey through the woods, choosing what items to gather at forks in the path. These objects determine how Little Red Riding Hood defeats the Big Bad Wolf and saves Grandma.’

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