Two Excellent Google Docs Tips for Teachers

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October 24, 2016
After we have seen how to use Google Explore to create beautiful spreadsheets, today we are looking at different features Explore provides for Google Docs users. We will particularly show you how you can use Explore to access related content, insert an image in a doc , and conduct search within your docs and across the web. These features are available for Google Docs on the web, Android and iPad. To launch Explore, open a document and click on Explore at the bottom right.

1- Access suggested content
As you type in content in your document, Explore will display a panel with suggested content that can help you with the writing of your document. This content includes:

This tab features a number of suggested topics related to the content of your document. To access any topic click on its title.

The tab provides you with a set of images related to your content which you can add to your document. Added images come with a footnote at the bottom of the document.

Related research: 
In this section you will be able to view research directly related to the topic of your document.

2- Conduct quick searches within your document
Another excellent feature from Explore is the ability for document editors to quickly search their documents. They can type a search query in the search bar and choose whether they want to search their Drive or the entire web.

Source: Docs Editors Help