Some New Interesting Educational Resources from GoConqr

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The popular platform  GoConqr has recently added a bunch of new interesting updates to enhance  its user experience and provide learners with more educational resources and tools . Below is a quick run-down of the main features added to GoConqr:

1- Public study groups
"GoConqr Groups gives millions of users a place to connect with other like-minded users around the world and create, discover and join countless virtual learning spaces for real online collaboration. Some benefits of GoConqr’s online learning Groups:
  • Quick and easy to set up, personalise and manage
  • Share learning content in your Group with full privacy control
  • Join countless users studying at all levels in public learning Groups
  • Interact more, learn more – join discussions, set up polls and post resources
2- Course builder
Create customised courses by assembling content that works in sequence for a more fluid and effective learning cycle...Ensure timely access to training or learning material by scheduling the date you wish to share your course content. A simple notification on users’ activity feeds then lets them know that your course is online and available to use.

3- Suite of free mobile apps

These include:
A- Flashcards app
Flashcards app lets you easily design, create and share your own resources, as well as view, copy and edit the millions of resources created by other users too.

B- Mind Maps
Mind Maps app lets you create and edit stunning mind maps in minutes. Simply tap the screen to create a node, then drag it to where you want to place it.

C- Quiz Maker App
The GoConqr Quizzes app for Android and iOS lets you create awesome Quizzes from your mobile device so you can easily share them with friends, or challenge yourself by taking countless Quizzes created by other users.

D- Slides Maker app
Slides Maker app lets you seamlessly integrate text with a multitude of media such as images, video, external links, and other GoConqr resources.

4- Digital library
Access a free digital library with millions of learning resources covering just about every study topic imaginable. Some benefits of GoConqr Library:
  • Easily find the learning content you need in any subject, at any level
  • A variety of content types to choose from
  • Discover and share material with other learners in GoConqr Groups
  • Have relevant learning resources suggested just for you"