Here Is A Powerful Speech to Text App for Teachers

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Dictanote is an excellent note taking tool with a powerful speech recognition facility. We have already featured this tool in our list of the best 5 speech to text apps for chrome published a couple of years ago and today we are revisiting it again as it has added some new interesting features.

Dictanote provides you with a rich text editor where you can instantly speak or type in your notes and format them the way you want. It provides almost all the editing features you would normally find in most popular text editors. It also supports a wide variety of languages. You simply select the language of your choice and start voice recording or typing your notes. To save and share your notes you will have to be registered. You can copy and use your notes in an email or a word document. You can also share them through a generated link.  Dictanote does provide a pro account with more advanced features for $9,99 a year.
Watch the video below to learn more about Dictanote:

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