Google Launched A New Educational Platform for School Leaders

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Google has recently launched a new platform called The Transformation Centre geared towards school leaders.  The Transformation Center is ‘a hub of resources to help education leaders improve all aspects of their schools and work toward a vision for change.’ Based on feedback (stories, templates and guides) collected from a wide variety of schools, Transformation Centre has created what it called the seven main elements of transformation. These are : vision, learning, culture, technology, professional development, funding and sustainability, and community engagement. Each of these elements feature a collection of resources and materials designed specifically to help school leaders tackle the change process.

This is how to use the seven-elements framework as suggested by Transformation centre:
1- ‘Use the strategies for success on the Vision page to evaluate your vision, and use the planning steps and resources if it needs work.’
2- ‘Read about and think through the pages for Culture, Professional Development, Learning, Funding & Sustainability, and Community Engagement, and Technology.’
3- ‘As you and your team set and execute your plan for transformation, make sure to use the ideas and resources on this site from districts around the country to solve a problem, or simply to be inspired.’

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