6 Great iPad Apps Free Today- Grab Them

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Below is a collection of some good iPad apps that are free today. Some of the things you can do with these apps include: creating and sharing quick notepads, carry out advanced mathematical calculations using CALC Swift, remotely access your phone or computer, create beautiful digital drawings and many more.

1- CALC Swift - The Scientific Calculator with Style

‘CALC is super intelligent, multi-functional scientific calculator that makes doing math look like art. It has built-in on-screen timer, notif. center Widget, Custom Keyboard, many pre-set functions like Date-time and Base computations and limitless combination of colors, fonts, shapes and sizes.’

2- NOTE’d

NOTE’d is a notepad app that allows you to write brief memos, travel notes, wish lists, record voice memos and many more. It provides a wide variety of features including: different design styles, map and photo attachments, organize memos into categories, supports proverbs and famous sayings, backup with Dropbox…

3- Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop

‘se Splashtop to access your computer on the local network with best-in-class video streaming performance. View and edit Microsoft Office and PDF files. Browse the web using IE, Chrome, and Firefox with full Flash and Java support. Play 3D PC and Mac games. Access your entire media library and documents. And more!’

4- Paper Spiral

‘Paper Spiral is ideal for matte painting, storyboarding, sketching, or just enjoying the fun in painting. It preserves the touch of traditional painting while breaking the limitations of a physical paper. Work on an endless canvas then crop and export your work to your camera roll, or just keep drawing non-stop - it’s all up to you. No clutter: just a clean slate for you to sketch out ideas.’

5- Painting 101 - Anyone’s a Painter

‘Imagine you have a simple canvas with just the right tools at your fingertips. No more overwhelming sight of gadgets that you don’t want to figure out what they do. You just want to draw. When has drawing ever become that hard? Back in the days you just pick up the pen and off you go. Painting101 sets out to restore your simple desire to draw. ’

6- Next- Numbers

‘Human brain is like a muscle that should be trained a lot to function properly. Surely, everyday life is a game in itself, but haven’t you ever wished you could find things a little faster or concentrate on one task for a little longer? This app is a great tool just for that. With just a few minutes a day practice you will be able to improve areas of brain activity without even noticing it. We have also built in personal stats so you can keep track of your progress.’

Source: Apps Gone Free