Top 70 Educational Android Apps for Teachers

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July 1, 2016
For those of you asking about Educational Android apps to use with students in class the chart below is a great place to start with. This is a work we have published a few months ago and is meant to provide teachers and educators with a handy resource they can fall back on when they need to try out new educational apps in class.  We have categorized these apps into 17 major categories: note taking apps, portfolio creation apps, presentation apps, reference apps,  video editing apps, concept mapping apps, storytelling apps, apps for teaching kids coding, augmented reality apps, audio recording apps, comics creation apps, reading and literacy apps, apps for learning English grammar, apps for doing virtual trips, apps for learning a new language, apps to unleash students creativity.

Android Apps for Note Taking
Android Apps for Creating Portfolios
Android Presentation Apps
Android Reference Apps
Android Video Editing Apps
Android Digital Storytelling Apps
Android Apps for Creating Concept Maps
Android Apps for Teaching Kids Coding
Android Augmented Reality Apps
Android Apps for Recording Audio
Android Apps for Creating Comic Strips
Android Apps for Reading and Literacy
Android Apps for Unleashing Students Creativity
Android Apps for Learning English Grammar
Android Apps for Learning A New Language
Android Apps for Music Teachers
Android Apps for Virtually Exploring World Museums

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