Teachers Guide to Creating Auto-graded Quizzes in The New Google Forms

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July 14, 2016
As we indicated yesterday, Google Forms has recently released a bunch of new features that allow you, among other things, to easily create auto-graded quizzes. As of right now, auto-grading is restricted to questions with multiple choices, checkboxes, or drop-down options. Another interesting new feature is the ability to add feedback to students' answers. Your feedback can include links, videos or websites and students will only access it after they have finished their quiz. You can also control what students can see after they have submitted their answers (e.g missed questions, correct answers, point values), see a summary of responses, and send results via email. In the visual guide below, we will walk you through the different steps to follow to create a quiz that include the new  Google Forms  features:

1- There are two ways to create a new quiz on Google Forms:
A- Create a quiz from scratch and for this you need to:
  • Go to forms.google.com
  •  Click on ‘More’ at the top right side
  •  Choose a template called ‘Blank quiz’.

B- Convert a form into a quiz
If you have already created a form and want to turn it into a quick you need to:
  • Click on  ‘Settings’ at the top right
  • Click ‘Quizzes’
  • Turn on the switch next to ‘Make this a quiz’
  • Click save

3- Release grades
In the same Settings window you can choose whether you want grades to be released immediately after each submission or not.

4- Choose what respondents can see
Here you can choose to allow students to identify which questions were answered incorrectly, show the correct answers for each question, show total points and points received for each question.

5- Assign points to questions
For Google Forms to auto-grade your quiz you will have to assign point values and provide correct answers to your questions. Keep in mind, Google Forms auto-grade only questions with multiple choice, checkbox, or drop-down. Here is how to make an answer key for these types of questions:
  • When you add a question to your quiz, click on ‘Answer Key’ below it
  • Choose the correct answer for your question by simply clicking on it
  • In the top right select how many points the question is worth
  • Click on ‘Edit Question’ to exit

6- Add feedback to answers
You can embed links, videos and websites in your feedback so students can better understand  answers. Here is how to do it:
  • ‘Click a question.
  • Click ANSWER KEY.
  • Type feedback for "INCORRECT ANSWERS" and "CORRECT ANSWERS," then click SAVE.’

7- Send results through email
If you use Google Forms through work or school you have the option to keep quiz results with you till they are ready before you share them via email. Here is how to do it:
  • ‘Open a quiz in Google Forms.
  • At the top right, click Settings Settings.
  • Click QUIZZES.
  • Under "Release grade," click the circle next to "Later, after manual review."
To email results:
  • Click RESPONSES.
  • Next to "Scores," click RELEASE SCORES.
  • Check the boxes next to who you want to email.
Source: Docs Editor Help