Blended Learning Visually Explained for Teachers

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July 10, 2016
Here is a short visual we created for teachers explaining the core notions behind the concept of Blended Learning. We have also included a collection of what we believe are some essential web tools for classrooms that adopt a blended learning model of instruction. You can share, print and use the visual the way you want as long as you credit us as the source.

What is blended learning:
It is  an instructional methodology, a teaching and learning approach that combines face-to-face classroom methods with computer mediated activities to deliver instruction.

Blended learning models:
According to Dreambox, Blended learning has 6 main models:

1- Face-to-face driver
This is ideal for individualized learning and is performed on a case by case basis

2- Rotation
Involves a regular flipping between traditional Classroom teaching and online learning

3- Flex
Instruction is done primarily online and is supplemented by on-site personal support

4- Online lab
Online teaching is done entirely in a traditional classroom setting under the supervision of an instructor

5- Self-Blend
Students have the option to enhance their learning through online courses

6- Online Driver
Instruction is done entirely online with intermittent instructor check-ins

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