9 Excellent Dropbox Features for Teachers

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July 3, 2016
Dropbox is an excellent file hosting service that allows you to ‘keep your files safe, synced and easy to share.’ You can use it to upload your files, videos, pictures and documents and generate unique URLs to share with others. Given the importance of Dropbox in education, we have created an entire section in this blog dedicated to everything related to how you can better leverage the educational potential of this platform in your teaching.

Dropbox has recently introduced a new suite of productivity features that make creating, sharing and collaborating way more easier.  Below is a quick round-up of the main features included in Dropbox:

1- Capture ideas on the go
Dropbox’s iPhone app has added a plus button that allows you to easily ‘create new Microsoft Office files, upload photos, and scan documents.’

2- Document Scanning
The new document scanning feature allows Dropbox mobile users to turn any printed text into a digital text which can be saved and shared with others online.

3- Collaborate
Dropbox users can now directly share and send files they have on their desktop with a single click.

4- Dropbox badge
‘With the Dropbox badge, see who else is working in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files to avoid losing or duplicating work.’

5- File requests
‘File requests make it easy for others to share work with you. Collect files in a single folder from anyone, without granting them access to its contents.’

6- Microsoft co-authoring
‘Microsoft co-authoring allows you to collaborate on Microsoft Office files online in real time, eliminating back-and-forth emails.’

7- Gather feedback
‘Gather comments on a file and eliminate those never-ending email threads…Comment anywhere on an image or document.’

8- Secure sharing
Secure sharing allows you to protect your work by controlling who can view or edit a file or folder.

9- Version history
Version history lets you recover edits made to your files in the last 30 days.

Watch this video to learn more about these features.