Two Great Tools for Creating Beautiful Newsletters for Your Class

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June 7, 2016
Newsletters are great communicative tools which you can use with your students for a variety of educational purposes.  There are now several web tools which makes the process of newsletter making  a simple matter of choosing a template, filling in content, adjusting elements and sharing the finished product. Below are two very good examples of web tools we recommend for teachers keen on designing educational newsletters for their classes.

1- Lucidpress Newsletter maker

The popular Lucidpress has this excellent web-based tool that enables you to create beautiful newsletters using a wide variety of professionally designed templates.The process is very simple: select a template for your newsletter from the collection there, use the editor to customize it and fill it with your content. You can import content from third party tools such as Google Doc, add videos from YouTube, and insert images from social media websites. When your newsletter is ready, you can share it via different options such as traditional printing, embed link and many more. ‘Lucidpress lets you share with an unlimited number of collaborators, and makes sure you can always revoke or revise editing permissions. You can also use chat or video chat right in the editor.’

2- Smore

Smore is another good web tool for designing beautiful newsletters. As is the case with the previous tool, Smore offers an easy and simple drag and drop interface to get you started creating your newsletter from scratch. You can add different multi  Smore’s newsletter’s work across different devices. Smore also has special plans for educators .