Here Is A Very Good Tool for Adding Annotations and Comments to Videos

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June 7, 2016
VideoAnt is a good tool for adding annotations and comments to web-hosted videos. It supports annotation of different video files as well as YouTube videos. VideoAnt has its own specific terminology: for example, Ants refer to VideoAnt annotated videos and Ant Farm is your account dashboard. To be able to save and access your collection of Ants, you will need to have your own free account. VideoAnts is also ideal for blended and flipped classrooms.

The way VideoAnt works is very simple. Once signed in, click on ‘New Ant’ on your dashboard to start creating a new annotated video. You can upload videos from YouTube using their URLs or you can use a direct link to a video file on the web. When you create a new Ant you will be directed to the annotation page where you can add and manage annotations and edit privacy and sharing settings. Your finished Ants can be shared publicly using different sharing options including an embed code to use in your website or blog. Alternatively, you can share Ants with groups of users. As a teacher, you may want to create a group for your class and invite students to join in. You can instantly share Ants with the whole class with a single click. Upon granting students permission to annotate, they can annotate Ants and comment on each others videos.

VideoAnt is specifically designed for educational purposes. And as specified in this page, VideoAnt can be used for a variety of instructional purposes some of which include: creating lecture presentations, using VideoAnt as group discussion, student VideoAnts as critical reflection or self-assessment, and student VideoAnt as peer review or small group discussion.

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