Here Is A Must Have Grading and Rubric Building Add-on for Teachers

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June , 2016
JoeZoo Express is an excellent Google Doc add-on for teachers. It provides you with three handy marking tools to give written feedback, build rubrics, and grade assignments. JoeZoo comes preloaded with over 90 of the most frequently used pieces of writing feedback arranged into five main categories: formatting, grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and structure. You can customize the    preloaded comments to fit your own grading purposes and JoeZoo saves and adds them to your feedback set so you can use them later on. Another cool thing about the feedback feature in this add-on is that it is visual and interactive. ‘Students click colour coded records and are instantly taken to the highlighted location in their doc, while being shown preloaded tips on how-to fix the error’.

The rubric building feature enables teachers to easily design any grading rubric they want. The 5 steps process is very simple: ‘Simply click any section, like the "Grading Scale", then pick from our preloaded values, like Level R - 4, to move forward. At the end of the process, JoeZoo inserts a perfectly formatted rubric at the top of your doc.’ Rubrics are re-usable and with one click JoeZoo inserts a perfectly formatted rubric in your Google Doc.

The grading tool in JoeZoo allows teachers to grade students work within Google Docs with just few clicks. You simply open the add-on and choose one of the rubrics you have created and click on the grades you want assigned. The add-on can also calculate the final grade for you allowing you to override it if you want. And with a single click, JoeZoo ‘does all the calculations and inserts a perfectly formatted, graded rubric at the top of your student's doc.’ Watch the video below to learn more about JoeZoo. You can also check this playlist of tutorials to guide you through the different steps in using JoeZoo. Enjoy