Here Is Another Excellent Tool for Flipped Classrooms

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June 1 , 2016
Buncee for Education is a good creation and presentation tool to use in your instruction. It is also ideal for flipped classrooms. Buncee provides an intuitive web-based digital canvas for creating engaging content. You can upload all kinds of multimedia materials to your canvas including videos, photos, drawings, audio, PDFs and many more. As a teacher, you can use Buncee to  ‘create interactive lessons and multimedia presentations, flip (your) classroom, and send home beautiful newsletters and invitations to parents and the local community.’

Students too can use Buncee for a variety of learning activities such as creating ‘multimedia digital stories, travel scrapbooks, research projects, and more’. There is also the possibility for teachers to create a private virtual classroom and invite their students to join in. Once added to the class, teachers will be able to see their students Buncee submissions, grade their assignments, review students activities and many more. Everything you create on Buncee can be shared through different options: email, social media, print, and clickable PDFs.  Watch the video below to learn more about what you can do with Bouncee. Enjoy