A Must Have Google App for Teachers

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June 6, 2016
For those of you using Google Apps for Education, this app is definitely a must have. Haiku Learning empowers you with a suite of educational tools to use in your instruction. These include a Gradebook, a Wiki, a built-in annotator, content sharing and Discussion. Designing an online hub for your class is simple and easy. Once created, you will have a collaborative space where you can perform a variety of educational activities such as assigning collaborative tasks, giving assessments, generating reports, recording grades and many more.

Some of the things you can do with Haiku Learning tools include: importing content from different websites right into your online class, evaluate and grade students work or ‘import standards for your district, school or class to record and communicate mastery.’ The annotating tool allows you to instantly open attachments and files, write comments and grade them and then share them with students. There is also the option for students to create digital portfolios recording all their learning across different classes. They can even take their portfolios with them in HTML format. As for the collaborative features, you can easily share content with other teachers or allow them to copy and use your content.You can also share ‘ a class, a page, or a content block without having to manually move a single file.’