10 Key Social Media Skills for Teachers

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June 8, 2016
Social media is becoming a key player in the educational sector. It is redefining the learning landscape in unprecedented ways. Old modes of learning that were once prevalent in the pre-digital era have now surfaced to the fore. Collective and group learning is now achieved through what James Paul Gee called Affinity Spaces or what Wenger et al. dubbed ‘Communities of Practice’. And with the increasing number of teachers and educators taking to social media websites, social networking becomes a central part in teachers professional development. With the upsurge of social media use among educators comes the importance of learning how to effectively use these tools  for educational ends. The infographic below we created a couple of years ago, features 10 of the key social media competencies for teachers. The graphic is entirely based on Doug Johnson’s popular article ‘Top Ten Social Media Competencies for Teachers ’. Check it out and share with your colleagues.

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