Two Google Forms Tips Every Teacher Should Know about

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May 2, 2016
Since its release a few months ago, the new Google Forms has added a collection of some interesting features which you can use for a variety of educational purposes. These include creating surveys and polls to gather students feedback, planning events, and  administering quizzes in an easy and streamlined way. However, in today’s post we want to share with you two essential navigational tips to apply when creating forms. These tips will enable students to easily jump to a different section in the form based on their answers to the Forms questions. For instance, you can send students who answer ’yes’ to a different page from those who answer ‘no’. Alternatively, you can also tweak the settings of your Form so that students can easily move from one section (say section one) to another section (say section 4) with a single click.  Below are instructions on how to incorporate these two tips in the forms you create in new Google Forms:

1- Send students to a specific section based on an answer

  • 'Open the form.
  • Click the Question icon and add a question you want to lead to a specific section of your form. The question needs to be either:
  • Multiple choice
  • Choose from a list
  • On the right side of the question, click the More icon .
  • Choose Go to section based on answer.
  • Next to your answers for this question, choose specific pages to send respondents to when they choose an answer. You can also choose to send respondents to the confirmation page based on an answer by selecting "Submit form."'

2- Send studentsto a page from another page

  • 'Open the form.
  • Add section breaks by clicking the Section icon .
  • At the bottom of each section, you'll see a dropdown menu with options for where to send respondents next. By default, it's set to "Continue to next section," but you can change it to send respondents to a specific section in your form or to the form's confirmation page.'
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