Some Handy Resources to Help You Make The Best of LEGO Games in Your Instruction

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May 19, 2016
LEGO games are widely used among young learners to help them develop key learning skills. More and more primary teachers are using them in their classrooms to help with skill development. From teaching numeracy to introducing kids to the basics of literacy, LEGO games have proved to be an essential learning component in the educational ecosystem. In today’s post, we have curated for you this collection of interesting resources to help you tap into the educational potential of LEGO  in your instruction. These resources include mobiles apps and tools, printables, tips and ideas on how to use lego with students and several other materials.

1- LEGO Tools
These Chrome applications that enable students to engage in creative activities through building and experimenting with LEGO bricks:

2- iPad LEGO Apps
Here is a collection of some very good apps kids can use on their iPads to engage in playful learning experiences:
2- The Learning Power of LEGO
This is an infographic created by online document the evolutionary process of LEGO and how it comes to be used in education.

3- 100 Free LEGO Learning Printables
Great Peace Academy has this wonderful resource eating a wide variety of free LEGO printable sto use in your own instruction. These printables are arranged into the following categories: math, language arts, science, history and geography, Bible, and miscellaneous LEGO learning printable.

4- Free Lego Homeschooling resources
Free Homeschool Deals has this page packed full of handy Lego resources, freebies and activities to use with your students.These are arranged into the following categories: Lego Instructions, Lego pre-k and kindergarten, Lego printable pages, Lego colouring , pages, LEGOMath, LEGO writing and copywork, LEGO reading, LEGO spelling, LEGO language arts, LEGO games, LEGO activities, and many more.

5- Ideas and Tips to use Legos with your kids
In this article written by Dollie Freeman, you will get to explore some amazing ideas and insights (curated resources) on how to effectively use LEGO to enhance your kids learning.  Subject areas covered include: Language arts, science, math, geography, reading, early learning, and Bible.