Here Is A Great Website for STEM Teachers and Students

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May 1, 2016
NOVA, one of the popular American  TV series that produces in-depth science programming in the form of documentaries and short videos, has this excellent resource called NOVA Education. This is a free portal designed specifically to cater to the teaching and learning needs of STEM teachers and students. It provides a wide variety of educational materials that include informative short-form videos explaining different scientific phenomena, lesson plans to appropriate for your own teaching situation, interactive and several other resources all aligned to teaching standards.

You can use the site’s search box to quickly locate a video or browse through the content of NOVA Education by topic. There are four main topics: Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical science, Technology and Engineering. Each of these topics includes a number of subtopics. Click on any title from the collection and you will be directed to a page where you can access educational materials related to it. Alternatively, you can use the left-side’s menu to easily access curated resources. For instance, Click on Lesson Plans to view the different lesson plan samples you can use in your class, ‘Interactives’ is where all of NOVA Education’s visual interactives are located and for educational videos  check out ‘Teacher Videos’ section. Check it out and share with us your feedback