Here Is An Excellent Tool for Creating Annotated Video Courses

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May 18, 2016
After we have seen how to create video presentations using Movenote, we are introducing you today to another important educational web tool that will enable you to create and share video courses. MoocNote is a handy application teachers can use to create annotated video lessons to share with students. This is especially helpful for Blended and Flipped learning classrooms. You can import an entire YouTube playlist or a single video from YouTube , Google Drive, or Dropbox, and use MoocNote course editor to add notes and questions. Notes you create will link back to the exact places in the videos where you took them and you can access all of your notes anytime from a single place.

The process to create a video course on MoocNote is very simple and easy: Copy the URL of the video or playlist you want to include in your course and paste it in the top field on the MoocPlayer dashboard and click on ‘Import’ button. Once imported, you can then start working on your course using MoocNote video player. You can add notes to your videos and customize their visibility; add video descriptions or instructions ; add course titles and many more. MoocNote has this nifty feature which allows you to create a group to share your courses with. For instance, you can create a group for your students and invite them to join it using valid email addresses. You can edit the privacy settings of your group so that only group members have permission to access  and view video courses and other materials you share with them. ‘If course access is Public then anyone with the link can access the course even search engines. In this case MoocNote account is not required to watch the course. However it is not possible to take notes if you are watching a course as a guest. In case of public access you can still notify people about the course using the notify people field.’

Check out this  user manual to learn more about how to use MoocNote.