Google Released A New Interesting Group Sharing App

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May 17, 2016
Google announced today the release of a new service called ‘Spaces’. This is basically a group sharing app that allows members to share, discuss and comment on topic-specific content they are sharing within a Space. Anyone can instantly create a Space and invite others to join it using a generated link via messaging, email etc. Spaces are topic-focused hubs where you and your designated friends and colleagues can interact and exchange content. For instance, students working on a collaborative project can create a Space for their project and start sharing links, content and hold discussions and even realtime conversations about their work.

Spaces comes with a number of built-in services including Google search, YouTube, and Photos so users can easily search for, find and share content without having to switch apps. Users can also use the search box within Spaces to quickly locate anything they have previously shared including images. ‘From study groups to house hunting to weekend road trips and more, Spaces lets you easily get just the right people together around any topic.’Spaces is available for Android, iOS, desktop and mobile web for all Gmail accounts.