An Excellent Free Tool from Adobe to Create Animated Stories and Educational Posters

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May 19, 2016
Spark Adobe is an excellent application with huge educational potential.  As a teacher, you can use Spark to create a wide variety of multimedia materials to include in your instruction. There are three main types of creations you can build and share on Spark: Post (this is especially useful for sharing announcements, invitations, and inspiration quotes), Page (great for photo journals, event recaps, portfolios, catalogs..etc) and Video (great for creating animated stories, presentations, lessons and many more).

For instance, to create an animated video on Spark, click on ‘Video’ and type in a title for your project. Next, select a story template or start from scratch. There are four story templates: Promote an Idea, Tell what Happened, A Hero’s Journey, and Show and Tell. Each of these templates has its own unique narrative slides and themes. Depending on which template you choose, you will basically be able to do the following: record your voice to tell your story; add photos, icons and text to your slides; playback your stories to see how they come out and when you are done you can share them with others through a variety of sharing options. Enjoy

Courtesy of Digital Inspiration