A Handy Tool to Create Educational Posters and Graphics to Use in Class

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May 24, 2016
FotoJet is a good web tool you can use to create beautiful visuals to include in your instruction. You don’t need to have any prior technical knowledge to use FotoJet. There are thousands of pre-made templates and layouts to choose from and with minor editing and customization  you can have your graphic ready in a matter of few minutes. As a teacher, you may want to use it to create educational posters to use in classroom. You can also use it to create different types of designs and photo collages. These include social media graphics( Twitter header, Facebook cover or post, Pinterest graphic, Email header, Instagram...), photo comics, magazine covers, photo cards, photo frames and many more.

The process to create a visual through FotoJet is very simple. First select which design category you are interested in: a ''Collage" or a "Design" then click on ‘Get started’. Next, you choose from the pre-made templates provided there. Or, you can select a blank page to start from scratch. Use the ‘Add photo’ on the right-hand side to add photos from your computer or Facebook. Adjust and edit your photo the way you want (e,g resize,crop, zoom in and out,  rotate, apply popular effects, adjust opacity and exposure, brightness, contrast…etc). To write on your visual, click on ‘Add text’ button and pick a text sample from the collection. You can change the font, size, format, alignment, and colour of your text. You can add special effects to your text to make it stand out. Next, you decorate your visual using clip art images which you can access through the Clipart tab on the left side of the editing panel. You can also add different backgrounds and shapes to your graphic or use one of your favourite images as a background. When you are done, you  can save your new graphic to your computer, share it with others through popular social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, or print it out.