4 Good Math iPad Games for Pre-schoolers

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May 26, 2016
In today’s collection we are sharing with you some excellent iPad apps designed specifically for pre-school learners. The apps focus on math learning and provide kids with a number of engaging and challenging games to help them develop their basic math skills. Some of these games also have their web version so kids can play them either on iPad or on their computers. Check them out and, as always, share with us your feedback. Enjoy

ipad math games

1- Math Open
Math Open is a good math exercise platform. It provides fun and challenging games for pre-elementary to fifth grade. Basic math skills covered include multiplication, addition, division and subtraction.

2- Math Splash Bingo
This is another good fun math game to help young learners practice different math skills. Users get to choose from multiple levels of difficulty and using stats on their profiles they get to keep track of their success and how they are performing in the game.

3- Dino Does PreSchool Math
‘Your kids will enjoy playing these games, learn about numbers and basic math as they move from game to game. With bright, joyful colors each game is unique, providing additional layer of knowledge.Full narration, Positive and pleasant feedback for your kids for each task they perform.’

4- Little Helper of the House Kitchen
‘‘Little Helper of the House’ game series are taking place in the rooms and in the living places of our big house. 2 heroes of our cute family are wearing their little helper aprons and learning how to do the houseworks by helping their parents with fun.In this episode of our series of “little helper of the house”, we have academically and socially designed the game aiming a solid improvement and provide support in the learning curve of our pre-elementary level children by experiencing everyday duties and bonding with their parents in achieving them.’