3 Awesome Google Drive Templates for Creating Lesson Plans

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May 5, 2016
The new Google Drive Template Galleries for Docs, Sheets, and Slides embeds some really interesting templates to use for a variety of educational purposes.There are templates for creating resumes;  templates for writing letters, essays, book reports, and class notes. There are also work-related templates for creating things such as brochures, project proposals, newsletters and many more. All of these templates are professionally designed and you just pick out the one you want and start typing in your data. Alternatively, you can customize any of these templates to give them a personal touch. You can change text type and font, colours, add visuals…etc.

Today’s post highlights three handy Google Docs templates to use for designing beautiful lesson plans. To use any of these templates, head over to Docs template gallery, click on ‘more’ button on top right to open up the whole collection. Scroll down to the 'Education' section and you will find the lesson plan templates listed there. Click on the one you like to open it in your Docs.The templates are called:

1- Lesson plan by Reading Rainbow
2- Lesson Plan (Playful)
3- Lesson Plan (Simple)