These Four Educational iPad Apps Are Free Today Grab Them

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April 3, 2016
In our series of Apps Gone Free for this week, we have curated for you the four apps below which are on sale now for a limited time. Some of the things you can do with these apps include scan paper photos, convert images to PDFs, create beautiful markdown documents and notes, transfer and manage your files across different devices, and the last app is for kids to create funny video stories.

1- PhotoScan PDF Pro

‘PhotoScan PDF Pro is a simple app to take, edit, enhance, add features and store your pictures. Also, you can convert images to PDF with one click of a button. Automatic perspective function will correct angles of scanned paper photos, so you won't need to level them while scanning with your iPhone's camera. It will greatly simplify and reduce the length of the whole process. Save, E-mail, Send to Dropbox - any kind of storing options available. You can also work with documents of any kind.’

2- Write.r- Markdown for Writers and Authors

‘With Write.r, anyone can create beautiful markdown documents and notes. The app features a beautiful and streamlined interface, designed for iOS 9 and the latest devices. Your words are instantly synced to all your iOS devices in real time.’

3- Pocket Drive +

‘Transfer your files to your iPhone or iPad and access them anytime, anywhere with Pocket Drive. With a built-in ZIP archiver, web file downloader, MP3 player, and photo viewer, Pocket Drive lets you manage files on your devices the same way you do on your computer - hassle-free. Download Pocket Drive now to manage your everyday tasks.’


CHOMP is a cool iPad app that kids can use to create funny video stories. Some of its features include: ‘Over 50 hand-drawn scenes with countless funny animations, record play sessions with integrated video recording, hand drawn animations made with love and care, no language knowledge needed. The app is text-free…and many more.’
Courtesy of Apps Gone Free