New- Teachers Can Now Create Polls in Google Classroom

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April 9, 2016
Google Classroom has recently introduced a new polling feature which enables teachers to create polls for a wide variety of educational purposes  including comprehension check in class and feedback gathering. You can easily create single or multiple-choice question polls right in your class stream and see who have and haven’t answered your polls. Here is how to create a poll in Goole Classroom for the web. To learn more about how teachers are using this polling feature with their students, check out this post.

I- Post a question
  • ‘Sign in to Classroom at
  • Click the class.
  • At the bottom, click Add Add and click Create question.
  • Enter the title of your question.
  • (Optional) Enter instructions.
  • (Optional) By default, the answer is due the next day. To change it:
  • Next to Due Tomorrow, click the Down arrow Down Arrow.
  • Click the date and select a date.
  • To set a due time, click Time and type a time.
  • To post a question with no due date, click Due date and click X at the date.’
II- Post multiple-choice questions
  • 'To create a multiple-choice question, click the Down arrow Down Arrow at Short answer, and update to Multiple choice.
  • At Option 1, enter the first answer option.
  • Click Add option to add further answer choices. Add as many options as you wish.
  • Optional) To delete an option, click X.
  • (Optional) On multiple-choice questions, students can see a class summary of their classmates’ answers. Click Turn off On if you don’t want students to see the summary.'
Check out Google Classroom Help Centre to learn more.