Learn about The Hidden Features of Chrome with These Excellent Video Tutorials

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April 22, 2016
Chrome Tips for Teachers is a section we created in this blog dedicated entirely to everything related to Chrome browser. Our purpose is to help teachers  tap into the full educational potential of this browser. The last thing we published in this regard was yesterday's post featuring eight essential yet overlooked Chrome tips for teachers. In today's post, we are sharing with you a set of excellent video tutorials created by Google Help and featured in their YouTube channel under  'Chrome section'. These are basically short explanatory clips to show you how to use some of Chrome's functionalities such as how to access incognito mode, how to clear cache and cookies, how to keep Chrome updated, how to change Chrome settings, how to use Chrome on different devices, how to translate webpages in Chrome and many more. Click on the hyperlinked titles to watch the videos. Enjoy

1- How to clear cache and cookies in Google Chrome

2- How to change and customize Chrome's settings

3- How to access Incognito Mode

4-  How to keep Chrome updated

5- How to use Chrome on different devices