Here Is A Great Tool for Flipped Classrooms

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April 18, 2016
DocentEDU is a great web tool and mobile app to use with your students. It is particularly ideal for both Blended and Flipped learning classrooms. DocentEDU allows you to easily turn any webpage or published Google Doc into an interactive lesson where you add comments, private discussions, highlight passages, embed videos/maps/ simulations/quizzes, add questions and many more. When students log in to the website they will be able to see all the annotations, questions and content you have added. Students can also use DocentEDU to take their notes and add their own annotations to the text.

With a few clicks you will be able to add a wide variety of interactive content to any webpage. For instance, you can add YouTube videos anywhere in the page by simply pasting the link of the video and DocentEDU will automatically load it for you. You can also assess your students understanding of a text by adding as many questions as you want. Students' answers are saved in private from the rest of the class. DocentEDU works on various platforms including iOS, Android, the web and Chromebooks. Both you and your students can sign in using your school’s Google account. DocentEDU is not free but it does offer discounts and training for schools and districts. Watch the video below to learn more about this tool.