Here Is A Great Tool for Creating Animated Multimedia Maps

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April 11 , 2016
History in Motion is an interesting tool for teaching and learning history. As a teacher, you can use this tool to create animated multimedia historical scenarios of people and things moving through a historical space and time. Students can  use it in their history projects to create animated events using different multimedia materials. For instance, they can ‘make armies move, cities grow, and fires spread’ all along a delineated trajectory on the map. The site provides access to both present and historical maps so students can easily map their scenarios and share them with others using permalinks.

Watch this short  introductory video to History in Motion

History in Motion is ver easy to use. No programming or digital cartography knowledge is required.  With few clicks students will get started designing their animated scenarios. They can also use it to ‘explore a scenario by moving forward and backward in time at your own pace.  Hover on events to see a brief description.  Click on them to see the full story.  If events are happening outside your view of the map, History in Motion places small blue arrow buttons on the edges and/or corners of the map.  Just click on any one to re-size the map to see the events in that sector.’ Watch the video below to learn how to create a scenario on History in Motion.

Courtesy of Edshelf