4 Handy Apps for Creating Educational Sketches

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April  7, 2016
Visuals are powerful communicative tools to use in your instruction. Besides engaging the viewer’s attention, they can also help you communicate your ideas in an effectively precise manner. Sketches and doodles are two good examples of visuals you can use to record notes and ideas to share with others. For those of you using iPad, the collection below features some of our favourite apps for creating beautiful sketches and doodles. We invite you to check them out and share with us your feedback. Enjoy

1- Paper

Paper empowers you with a number of key tools to take your visual notes to the next level. You can record your ideas in visually appealing formats using a mixture of multimedia materials including pictures, text, and sketches. It also allows you to share your sketches in the form of a PDF or as a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation.

This is another cool app to create beautiful sketches and drawings in a simulated pencil and paper drawing experience. It offers an intuitive canvas where you can access several sketching tools that include ‘Crayon, Ballpoint, Highlighter, Pencil, Resizable Eraser, Chisel Tip Marker and Fine Point Marker in an array of colors.’ When your sketches are ready you can then share them via social media, text, AiDrop or email.

‘This complete artist’s toolbox helps you create beautiful sketches, inspiring paintings, and stunning illustrations anywhere you are. Procreate features ground-breaking canvas resolution, 128 incredible brushes, advanced layer system…Create a canvas and start painting with any of Procreate’s exclusive dual-texture brushes. Use the immediately responsive smudge tool to perfectly blend color with any brush in your library. With Procreate’s incredibly high-resolution canvases you can print your artwork at massive sizes. Experience the revolutionary selection, transform, and perspective tools built exclusively for multitouch and finish your illustration with stunning cinema-quality effects. Procreate’s powerful and intuitive interface always puts your art in focus.’

‘Its deliberate simplicity makes it perfect for beginners who want to learn to draw; equally, advanced artists will find a wonderful buttery, tonal canvas for their life studies, cartoons, abstracts, landscapes and other subjects. The app is engineered to deliver rapid, but powerful image capture, facilitated by a great transform function that allows you to pick up the drawing, resize it and move it around the canvas, and a amazing zoom that lets you draw in minute detail. So if you want to put a traditional, but digital sketch pad in your pocket, this is the app for you.’