3 Major Classroom Updates Teachers Should Know about

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April 11, 2016
Over the last few weeks, Google Classroom has added a number of interesting features geared towards enhancing its overall functionality across different devices and platforms. For those of you who have missed any of these new releases below is a quick run-down of some of the main features that were recently added to Classroom. Click on the title of each feature to access more information on how to use it.

1- Create polls in Classroom
This is an excellent feature we have covered in a previous post. Teachers are now able to ‘create polls for a wide variety of educational purposes  including comprehension check in class and feedback gathering. You can easily create single or multiple-choice question polls right in your class stream and see who have and haven’t answered your polls.’

2- Updated features for Classroom iOS and Android apps
The two main updates that were released for Classroom on iPad and Android are: the ability to save a post (e.g an assignment, question or announcement) as a draft and schedule it for a later posting; and the ability to re-use existing materials (e.g assignments or questions) from previous or actual posts. Additionally, for teachers and students using Classroom on Android, they are now able to see new notifications in the form of a red circle right in the Classroom menu.

3- Personalized upcoming work
Students are now able to see their work in the class stream, on the class card and on the Work page. Here is how to view it on the Work page:
  • 'Click and click Work.
  • Click the title of the work to see any instructions or feedback.
  • (Optional) To filter your work by class, at the top of the Work page, click All Classes and select a class.
  • The work for the class you selected is listed.
  • (Optional) To add a class comment, click Add class comment, enter your comment, and click Post.
  • If a comment is already posted, click number class comments to see comments by your classmates or post your own comment.
  • (Optional) To send your teacher a private comment, click Add private comment, enter your comment, and clickPost.
  • (Optional) To see any work you already submitted, at the top of the Work page, click Done. If the work is graded, the grade is listed. If your teacher provided other feedback, you can see it by clicking the title of the work.'