3 Fantastic Apps to Help Students Build Their own Games

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April  7, 2016
Below are some very good iPad apps that students can use to design creative games. The apps provide  intuitive platforms where students get to put  their artistic and design skills to work. No coding skills are required. They simply build layouts for their games, choose characters and other accoutrements, add animations and storylines and their game is ready to be shared with others.

1- Bloxels

‘Bloxels Builder is a collaborative sandbox app that enables players to create, play and share games that demonstrate their personality and creative inspirations using a mix of tools to create characters, challenges, environments, objectives and more…Build the layout of a game, create the art, build and animate a character to play in the game and then share it. It’s that easy and can be done in as little as five minutes or expanded on with endless hours of tweaking. Building games is extremely accessible and creative expression happens instantly, making Bloxels Builder a great tool for children from ages 8 and up to make and play games.’

2- Sploder Arcade Creator

‘Make your own arcade games with Sploder’s Retro Arcade game creator…You can build your own games, share them and play games shared by others anywhere you go. This creator was designed for touch, so you’ll feel right at home with it’s intuitive controls. Create intricate game levels with varied terrains and game objects. Add story elements and create challenging puzzles to make your game fun for your players. With dozens of baddies, many power-ups and block types to choose from, the possibilities are endless.’

3- Sketch Nation Create

‘Sketch Nation allows you draw, play and share the games you want, with your own characters, obstacles, challenges and rules… It's gaming, drawing, coding, story-telling and problem-solving in one simple-to-use and fun tool…For students, our app lets you tell stories, explore ideas, challenge yourself and show your skills through personalized video games, while learning some of the techniques involved in creating the types of games you are already familiar with. For educators and parents, Sketch Nation provides a terrific environment to help kids explore, imagine, investigate and create – simultaneously honing their artistic abilities and getting hands-on experience with game design. ’
Courtesy of Edshelf.