Use These Chrome Apps to Unleash Students Creativity

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March 26, 2016
Chrome web store is packed full of all kinds of educational apps and extensions some of which are also integrated with Google Drive. For those of you looking for a handy resource of Chrome apps to use with students in class, check out this comprehensive chart. In today’s post we are sharing with you a collection of some practical Chrome extensions to unleash learners creativity. Using these resources, students will be able to engage in a number of creative literacy activities that will allow them to multimodally communicate their thoughts, share their ideas and develop new learning skills.

1-Collaborative Brainstorming 

Students can use these Chrome extensions for collaborative brainstorming. These are basically online whiteboards where students can brain storm ideas, create mind maps, and organize their ideas. The whiteboards support multimedia materials such as videos, hyperlinks, audio notes, and some of them provide realtime chat functionalities.  The tools we recommend for this category include:

2- Create engaging visuals

Students can use these extensions to visually represent their ideas and create beautiful visuals and graphics to share with others. They can embed images, shapes and lines, text, and in some cases, links and videos.

3- Create video animations

Another way to unleash students creativity is through engaging them in multimedia tasks that require them to create short animated videos to tell a story, represent an idea or concept, provide a step by step explanation…etc. Here are some of the extensions we would recommend in this regard:
4- Create drawing and sketches

These extensions will provide students with virtual spaces where they can create beautiful drawings and sketches.