Two Great Google Sheets Add-ons to Use in Your Teaching

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March 23, 2016
Below are two very good Google Sheets add-ons to use in your teaching. The first one, Online Rubric, allows you to create assignment rubrics and share grades with students. The second one, gClassFolders, is ideal for a paperless classroom. It makes it easy for you to create and manage various class folders. Check out the tools below and share with your colleagues. Enjoy

1- Online Rubric
This is an excellent add-on you can use to create online customizable rubrics for a wide variety of assignments that include: presentations, performance, and participation grades. The add-on allows you to easily share grades with students via email and in case you have pre-made rubrics and rosters from other platforms, Online Rubric makes it easy for you to upload and use them in your current sheet. Watch the video below to learn more about this add-on.

2- gClassFolders

“gClassFolders (gCF) helps teachers manage digital classroom workflow when using Google Apps with their students. It does this by creating folders with specific permissions. Each Classroom will be setup with:“Assignment” folders, “Class Edit”, “Class View”, and “Teacher” folder. Once the folders are created teachers can manage students and distribute files.”