Some Excellent Interactive Map Games to Use with Students in Class

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March  20, 2016
Map games can be a great way to help students develop their geo-literacy. Students get to engage with learning activities specifically designed to challenge their geography knowledge and extend their understanding of the world. In the list below we are sharing with you some very good resources where you can access educational map games to use with students in class. Most of the games you will find there are interactive and some of them require Java or Flash Player installed on your Browser.  Enjoy

1- Interactive Map Games

Interactive Sites for Education has this section called Maps and Directions featuring 14 excellent interactive map games. From learning how to read features and symbols on a map to learning how to use a compass these games are absolutely a must try with your students.

2- Free Map Games

This is another excellent resource where you can access a variety of map games covering different topics. It also features games for specific geo-locations  such as Russia Map Game, Africa Map Game, USA and Canada Mao game and many more.

3- Smarty Pins

‘Smarty Pins  uses Google Maps for its layout. This is basically a game that tests players geography and trivia skills. Players in Smarty Pins are asked a wide variety of geography-based questions to which they have to provide answers by dragging and dropping a pin in Maps. Scores are converted into miles and players are given 1000 miles at the start of the play . With each incorrect answer a number of miles are subtracted from the players' score. The trick is to answer questions as quickly as possible before the number of miles reaches zero.’

4- World Geography Games

‘This website will bring you many entertaining and stimulating map games to improve your geographical knowledge. The quizzes include questions about countries, capitals, flags, regions, bodies of water, mountains, deserts, metropolitan areas and other topics that will test and challenge your brain. For everyone who wants to explore and learn about the world, you've come to the right place!’