Some Very Good New EdTech Tools for Teachers

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March 16, 2016
Here are this week’s new EdTech tools we want to bring to your attention. You may want to give them a try and see if they work for you. Some of the things you can perform with these tools include: organize teacher parent conferences, manage tasks and to-do lists, create a simple one-page site, curate and gather data from different online sources and many more.

1- Quill (Activity Packs)

Quill is a is a free, web-based tool that provides personalized, interactive writing and grammar activities. Students using Quill learn writing and grammar skills by writing sentences and proofreading passages. You can create a class in Quill and invite your student to join it using the generated code. Once they join it they will be able to access the worksheets you assign to them. Quill has recently released a new feature called activity packs.These are activities created in collaboration with teachers. Activity Packs are a simple way to assign a group of activities to students quickly. More time teaching, less time clicking.

2- Younglish

Younglish is a cool web tool EFL and ESL students can use to learn pronunciations of English words. You simply type the word in the search box and Youngish provides you with a YouTube video in which the word is spoken by real people.

3- Carrd

This is a simple web tool that you can use to quickly create one-page sites.This is great for creating portfolios. The process to create a web page on Carrd is easy: you simply pick up a template, type in your text and /or upload your images and videos and there you go.

4- Muscle Wiki

This is an awesome website for learning about how to enhance your physical fitness. The site features a human skeleton with different muscle groups. Click on any muscle and you will get tips and short animated GIFs of exercises to use to target that muscle. This could be great for physical teachers too. They can use it with students to help them learn about the different workouts to develop fitness.

5- Task Manager To Round

'To Round is a task manager with clear interface, designed for visual thinkers. It is a simple yet powerful app, which turns a routine activity of getting tasks listed and scheduled into a delightful experience. Moreover, it has all you need to really get everything done.'

6- Classtag

Class tag is a great parent-teacher communication platform. Teachers can use it to organize and schedule conferences with parents.  You can create as many timeslots as you want then copy and paste parents emails from any source and Class will automatically handle all emails and reminders.’As the teacher, you can sign up families as well. You’ll receive notice of the updated attendees and parents will be reminded of their upcoming conference.’

7- Mozgi Research Tool

This is a web tool and Chrome extension that helps you easily save and and gather data from web pages. You can drag and drop selected text, images, videos or links; take screenshots; organize your data and when you are done you can share it with your colleagues. Mozgi does not require any registration.

8- Movoto Schools

Movoto is actually a real estate website but there is a section in it where you can search for schools across US. Just type in the name of the school or browse by school area and when you find the school you are looking for click on it and you will be directed to a webpage where you can access detailed information about the school. For every city/state, it gives you info regarding School Name, Address, Type, Grade, Reviews, Parent Rating and much more.

9- Mega Seating Plan

Mega Seating Plan is a free website that creates classroom seating plans for teachers, automatically arranging students based on their gender, grade or SEN status. It annotates seating plans with data and allows teachers to drag and drop to adjust their plans any time. Data can be imported from SIMS or any spreadsheet.

Some of these tools are curated from Product Hunt.