3 of The Best Apps for Creating Short Educational Movies to Use in Class

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March  30, 2016
You don’t need advanced video editing skills to create short educational movies to share with your students in class. The iPad apps below provide you with everything you need to get you started. The process is very simple: import photos and video clips you have in your camera roll or use your iPad’s camera to record a video from scratch, use the editing features the apps provide to customize your videos (for instance work on stabilization and colour, trim or combine clips, add video styles and many more). And when your movie is ready, grab the generated link to share with others. Enjoy

1- YouTube Capture

This is a great app to use for easily creating short video clips. It allows you to record using your iPad camera. You can combine multiple clips into a single video and add soundtracks from YouTube’s audio library.And when your movie is ready you can upload it to YouTube or share it via social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

2- Magisto Video Editor

This is another great app for creating short educational movies to share with students in class. It provides you with a number of key features to build your video story. You can upload photos and videos you have on your device gallery and edit them on Magisto. You can also use the app as a smart video camera and start recording videos from scratch. Magisto provides you access to some powerful video effects that include: stabilization, facial recognition, video filters, transitions and many more.

3- Animoto Video Maker

You can use this app to create beautiful movies from videos and photos you have in your camera roll or in a cloud storage platform such as iCloud or Dropbox.  Animoto Video Maker provides over 50 sleek video styles to choose from and its built-in music library features hundreds of songs to add to your videos. You can also add captions to photos, trim clips and use into/outro cards to make your videos engaging.