6 of The Best Journaling Apps for Teachers

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March  5, 2016
Web technologies have reshaped many key traditional tasks we used to do by pen and paper (e,g note taking). They have also provided us with way more sophisticated options to develop such practices. Today we are touching on journaling as an example of a literate practice that has been revolutionized by the use of digital technologies. Anyone now can easily create a digital journal hosted in the cloud and accessible from anywhere with Internet connection. Unlike traditional journals, digital journals make room for a variety of multimedia materials including images, hyperlinked text, video clips and many more. Journaling can also be done on the go through the use of mobile apps designed specifically to help you capture and record your ideas and thoughts as they occur. In the collection below, we have curated for you some of the best journaling apps you can use on you iOS-operated devices. Check them out and as always share with us your feedback. Enjoy

1- Zentries: The Art of Journaling (free for a limited time)

‘Zentries is made with love, and designed a quick and easy way to tell your story. Or several of them if you like. Your entries are sorted by date, and can easily be shared - as either a single page or entire journal. And that’s all there is to the app. We made Zentries simple, because the things you write in it may not be.’

2- WonderNote (free for a limited time)

‘WonderNote is a wonderful diary book which can help you to record your life with text, photo gallery and voice, from now on, your life will become remarkable.’

3- myMemoir

‘Unleash your creativity, unwind your thoughts, unshackle your inner poet! If you've ever wanted to keep a journal, there's no better time than the present! Have your words sing and dance to your extraordinary life adventures. What better way than through an eco-friendly customizable journal app!’

4- iDo Notepad

‘iDo Notepad - is a simple to use notepad application which has been written specifically for the iPad & iPhone/iPod Touch. Add as many entries as you wish, search and sort using the built in search/sort facility, assign different icons to represent different events in your notes, Touch ID and password security stops people peaking at your notes, delete notes no longer required, calendar allows you to select different dates for your notes.’

5- Chronicle - Journal and Writing Notebooks

‘A place for concentration, privacy, and deliberate single-tasking. The focused writing of dedicated writing apps plus a page-turning reading experience…Keep a set of journals for everything you write. Easy backups and export options protect your writing. Quick search helps you find things fast, even if you write every day, year after year.’

6- Moleskine Journal

‘Your best ideas everywhere - Moleskine journals, re-imagined for limitless creativity, productivity and passion. The look and feel are classic Moleskine; the digital capabilities are inspiring. Enjoy all the things you usually do with your Moleskine journals, and send your creations out into the world, page after page.’