6 Great School-saving Apps for Students

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March , 2016
The educational potential of iPad is manifested not only in the multitude of learning apps we use with our students in class to boost their academic achievement and enhance their comprehension, but also in the meta-learning possibilities it offers our students. There are now plenty of educational iPad apps designed specifically to assist students take control of their learning from effectively planning their school time to keeping track of their academic progress. In today’s list, we are sharing with you some of the best planner apps to help students better organize their academic life and achieve better.

1- myHomework Student Planner

This is a great homework helper and student planner. It allows students to easily track their assignments and tests, organize their classes, receive reminders homework and many more.

2- inClass

This is another great iPad app students can use to organize their school life and stay on top of their homework and assignments. Some of the things they can do with it include: taking notes including video and audio notes, keep track of courses, get reminders of due tasks, and thanks to the integration of StudyRoom students can now join a study room and start collaborating and sharing notes.

3- iStudiez Pro

This is a popular student planner students can use to schedule their academic life and get their stuff organized. You input your data into the app (e.g things such as class schedule, teachers info…etc and iStudiez Pro takes care of the rest. It will automatically notify you of pending tasks s and important dates, save your grades and keep track of your overall academic progress during the semester.

4- Homework

‘Homework - Student Planner app is a perfect schedule planner, assignment organizer, note taker, task reminder and more, just an awesome schoolwork helper for college students! Instead of digging through backpacks and flipping through many notebooks, use Homework - Student Planner to put info relating to schools, academic terms, classes, assignments, group meetings and To Dos in order!’

5- Class Timetable

‘Class Timetable is the perfect companion for school, college or university. Keep track of classes and add events to your week's schedule with ease. With over two million downloads, Class Timetable features a beautiful color filled interface, optional multi week timetables, and much more.’

6- ClassManager

‘The Best Homework / Class Organizer for your School life. Plan and Organize your Classes, Assignments, Tests, Paper submissions with the Best Homework Planner App. Once you start using ClassManager you will never be late submitting your assignments ’