200 Free Textbooks for Teachers and Students

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March 11, 2016
In yesterday’s post we talked about a number of key websites and mobile apps that provide students and teachers access to digital textbooks or eTextbooks that they can rent, purchase and/or download for free. We are sharing one more resource from Open Culture. This is basically a collection of 200 free textbooks  spanning different subject categories. These include : art and history, biology, business and management, chemistry, classics, computer science and information systems, earth sciences, education, history, languages, law, mathematics, psychology, sociology, political science and many more.

These open textbooks belong to different universities and colleges most of which are in north America. The list is actually huge and it will take you sometime to go through it all but it’s worth it. As we have argued elsewhere, eTextbooks are especially useful because of the numerous interactive features and tools they provide including things such as highlighting, annotating, note taking, quick in-built searches, easy access and many more. While most of the eTextbooks can be read on any digital device, few of them, however, require special e-readers. Always make sure the eTextbook is compatible with your device before you download, rent or purchase it.

Image source: http://www.ck12.org/student/