Two Interesting Tools for Google Apps Classrooms

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February 19, 2016
EduSync is an educational platform designed by teachers to serve the EdTech community in terms of providing apps that are integrated with Google Apps. In today’s post, we are sharing with you two of their popular apps namely TeacherCal and EddyCal. If you use Google Apps in your instruction, these apps are definitely worth trying.

1- TeacherCal
TeacherCal is an amazing teacher planning calendar that works seamlessly with Google Apps. Some of the things it does include pushing plans to Google Calendar and sharing assignments to Google Classroom. Watch the video tutorial below to learn more about TeacherCal.

2- EddyCal
This is a great planning application for students. ‘Students simply follow their courses using unique codes and have an auto-filled planner on any device. EddyCal shows what students need to do and has links to assignments. EddyCal allows teachers to send messages to entire classes so that students always know what's going on.’ Watch the video below to learn more about EddyCal