Two Important Google Calendar Updates Teachers Should Know about

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February 21, 2016
As is the case with Google Forms, Google Calendar has witnessed the addition of a number of key improvements over the last few weeks. In today’s post we are featuring two important updates for Calendar on iOS and Android. For those of you who are new to Google Calendar and want to learn more about how to tap into its educational potential, this section is a great place to start with.

1- More holidays added to Google Calendar
Google Calendar for iOS and Android has added over 50 country-based holidays. Here is how to change or add the national holidays on your calendar:

  • Open the Google Calendar app
  • In the top left, touch the Menu icon > Settings > Holidays.
  • Touch the name of the current country.
  • Touch a new country to add it, or touch the currently selected country to remove it.

2- Create quick events in Google Calendar
Users of Google Calendar on both iOS and Android are now able to ‘quickly create events in Google Calendar with smart suggestions for event titles, places and people, in more than 30 new languages.’ Here is how to edit:

  • 'When you begin typing an event title, you’ll see matching suggestions―choose one or keep typing. 
  • Tap “at...” to add a location to your event and later get directions.
  • Tap “with...” to add people to your event, so you can easily call or message them from the event. This won’t send them an invite.
  • English only: Tap “on…” to easily specify the date, time and duration of the event.'