Some Very Good Educational Apps and Tools to Help Struggling Writers

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February 13, 2016
There are different reasons why struggling writers have problems with composition. Some of them are internal such as a disability of some sort, lack of motivation and confidence…etc and others are externally oriented like irrelevance of writing topics, inappropriate writing strategies and so on. In today’s post we are sharing with you a set of interesting iPad apps to help struggling writers build up their writing confidence and enhance their writing competencies.We have particularly focused  on three main areas:

1-Writers block 
Writers block can sometimes be crippling especially for struggling writers. Writing prompt generators can be a good solution to writers block. They provide writers with access to a plethora of of prompts to help them come up with creative ideas to write about. Below are is a collection of some good apps and tools for generating prompts.

Web tools for generating writing prompts
iPad writing prompts generators
Android writing prompts generators

2- Multimodal writing
Motivation can sometimes be a real problem with struggling writers. One way to trigger writing motivation is through engaging struggling writers in multimodal writing tasks characteristic of digital storytelling activities. To this end we have curated for you a list of some excellent digital storytelling apps and tools to use with struggling writers in class.

iPad Digital Storytelling Apps
Android Storytelling Apps
Chromebook Storytelling Apps
Web Tools for Digital Storytelling

3- Writing for authentic audience
Knowing that their written work can be read by an authentic audience out there on the web can be a great incentive to help struggling writers get seriously engaged with their writing. In the chart below we picked up for you some examples of writing platforms that provide struggling writers with opportunities to compose for larger audiences.