Some Excellent Writing Prompt Generators to Trigger Students Creative Thinking

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February 1, 2016
Looking for some great writing prompt generators to awaken the creative muse within students? The list below is a very good resource to start with. This is basically a chart we prepared and included in our post ‘Teachers Guide to The Use of Technology in Writing’.   It features a wide variety of apps and tools to help students come up with creative ideas and expand their power of imagination. They are also great for fighting off writer’s block  and drive off the fear of a blank page which usually haunts and impedes writing creativity for several beginner writers. Using these apps, students will be able to access a rich repository of prompts and ideas challenging enough to provoke their imagination and trigger their inspiration. We have arranged these apps and tools into three main categories: web tools for generating writing prompts, iPad writing prompt generators, and  Android writing prompt generators. We invite you to check them out and as always share with us your feedback.