Grab These Two Popular iPad Math Apps- They Are Free Today

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February, 2016
Below are two popular math apps that have gone free today and only for a limited period of time. Both of these apps are designed for kids in their early grades to help them learn and master basic math skills including things such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and many more. This deal is available at least in the Canadian and American iTune Stores not sure if it’s valid elsewhere. Enjoy

1- Monster Math 2 - Educational Math Games for Kids

‘Monster Math 2 helps your child practice and learn over 40 math skills within addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, times tables as well as factors, multiples and prime numbers. It is suited for Grades 1 – 5, with standard skill presets aligned with Common Core standards. These are also fully customisable to suit your kids’ aptitude and you can move to advanced or basic skills with a simple toggle. Detailed reports and weekly emails round up the educational features and allow you to get an in-depth view of how the kids is progressing in math!’

2- Multiplication and Division Math Flashcard Match Games for Kids in 2nd and 3rd Grade

‘ This is a set of energetic and common core compliant math challenges designed by teachers to motivate and build confidence in kids learning addition and subtraction…Choose a number range and run a gauntlet of ten random equations! Once complete, players are rewarded with a round of balloon popping fun and a handy report card presents the test results and time taken! For an added challenge, set a time limit for each question!…’

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free

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