3 Handy Periodic Tables for Science Teachers

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February 2, 2016
In today’s post we are sharing with you three good periodic tables to use with your students in class. These are Chrome extensions that provide you access to periodic tables featuring almost all of the elements together with their corresponding properties. These resources are particularly useful for chemistry, physics, and science teachers.

1- Useful Periodic Table

‘A periodic table can be useful for those in physics, chemistry, or any of the sciences and engineering disciplines.  This is a periodic table of the elements that has all the elements and most of their respective properties collected and stored in one easy to use and simple to find location.  Contained within this periodic table is a unit converter that will convert some of the scientific dimensions.  Also, containing links to wikipedia for further literature on that element that you wish to know.  Great for students because of the elements quiz contained within.’

2- ChemReference: Periodic Table

‘ChemReference is a detailed and powerful periodic table of the elements and chemistry reference tool designed with a fast workflow in mind. Some of its features include: Quick links to Wikipedia,WebElements, and Wolfram|Alpha for further element information; Very quickly navigable with keyboard shortcuts for common actions and many more.’

3- Periodic Table

‘A simple periodic table built to make the research of elements easier and more beautiful.’ Periodic Table also supports offline usage.

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