Here Is A Great Tool for Making Quiz Games

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Quizalize is a very good classroom quiz tool. This tool allows teachers to create fun classroom exams or homework. Teachers can see the results live and easily spot students' strengths and weaknesses. The process to create a quiz is simple and easy. After you log in to your account (registration is required, Quizalize is free for individual teachers), go to ‘Your Quizzes’ tab and click on ‘Create a new quiz’. Follow the instructions and type in your data. Once you are done click on ‘Save’ to save your quiz. To assign the quiz to your students click on ‘Set Quiz’ button and enter the name of your class. A unique code will be generated for you to share with students. The students can then go to and input the class code and their name to access the quiz.

Quizalize has recently added some interesting new features. You can now use sounds in the player, randomise your question order or choose to turn the timer off! Simply click 'play in class' and adjust your settings. Here is a brief overview of of these features:

Use Sounds
If this is set to yes, the students will get sounds on their device when playing the quiz.

Randomise question order
Give the same questions to all students, but in a different order to each one.

Number of questions
Randomly choose a smaller set of questions from all the questions in a quiz (choose how many).

Use the timer
If this set to no the timer won’t be shown to students.

Correct answers always will score the maximum amount

Show correct answer
Show students the correct answer when a student gets the answer wrong.

Show results
Show students the correct answers and the fink report.

Check out FAQ page to learn more about Quizalize.