Two Handy Tables Featuring Tips to Help You Conduct Effective Google Searches

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Google is definitely one of the major entry ports for searching the net. Knowing how to conduct effective and smart search queries on Google has become an important skill for 21st century students. There is an over-abundance of information online and unfortunately a decent amount of the online knowledge is amateurish, unfiltered and at worse misinforming. This is why Googling the world wide web goes beyond randomly typing a bunch of words and waiting for the ‘feeling lucky’ button to do its work; it’s rather an informed process that takes into consideration a wide range of variables that include the choice of the words we use in our queries, the positioning of these words in a search phrase, the use of operators and symbols and many more. Google Search Tips section has some very good resources to help your students learn more about the dynamics of conducting effective Google queries.

In today’s post we are sharing with you these excellent resources from Google Search Help. The first table features tips and examples on how to use symbols and punctuations when you search Google. The second table embeds some of the main search operators to help you narrow down your Google search queries and get relevant results.

Click HERE to access and read the tables. Enjoy